BSNL Recharge – BSNL Online Recharge

BSNL is a government-owned telecom company that provides Indians with the most affordable network. It offers 2G/3G network services all over India and 4G in certain regions. It is the most used telecom with the cheapest data and call rate in India right now. 

It is important for all users to know the quickest way to BSNL recharge so they can do it from anywhere and anytime. There are a few ways to recharge bsnl SIMs, some of which are complicated and some are simple. You will be able to reload your credits from the tips of your fingers instantly and at your convenience.

In this article, i will be sharing the best tips to recharge bsnl. Please ensure to follow closely to get the best results. I will also be sharing bsnl data plans in this post as well as bsnl call plans. 

There are many varieties of bsnl recharge plans which are created to appeal to all types of users throughout India. It is important to pick the one which suits your needs in terms of the amount of data and call time. Whatever you have in mind, you will be able to find it in a large amount of customizable plans bsnl offers.

BSNL Full Talktime Plans: This plan only gives Talk Time depending on the amount of money you paid on your BSNL mobile number on recharge of ₹220 and ₹550. This plan is perfect for those who only use their phones for making calls, and have little to no internet needs.

BSNL Top Up Plans: This plan allows for instant top-up of your bsnl sim. It is the cheapest bsnl recharge plan starting right from ₹10 only. It is perfect for those who need to make emergency calls and have little need of talk time. 

BSNL National Roaming Plans: This plan provides the cheapest outgoing and incoming call rates throughout India. It is perfect for those who like to travel nationally and like to constantly keep in contact with their families and loved ones.

BSNL Special Plans: This limited plan is rarely available however it is the best plan to take as it provides a variety of free services at cheap rates. Free BSNL to BSNL calls, local calls, internet data, lots of free SMSes, and free-roaming nationwide. 

BSNL Data Plans: This plan only provides data to its users once but at significantly cheaper rates. This plan can be subscribed to daily, monthly, or annually. This plan is perfect for those who use WhatsApp to make calls and like to surf the web constantly. 

How to recharge your bsnl data plan online?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your bsnl phone number
  3. Enter the amount you want to recharge or select your preferred plan
  4. Enter any deal or promo code if available
  5. Choose your payment method.
  6. Fill in your creditiantials.
  7. Your data should now be recharged.
  8. Enjoy your bsnl recharge

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